Boiler fuel necessary conditions and precautions

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Extinguished is an extremely common phenomenon, different boiler fuel with different extinguish, in accordance with whether the flame goes out, can be divided into the flame extinguished and the flame goes out, the so-called flame goes out of the combustible gas, so the flame goes out can understanding for the evaporation of flammable gases or flammable liquids, combustible gas is off. Without flame extinguished goes out of charcoal or coke.
First, the three elements of the boiler off and complete burning conditions
To make the material is extinguished, it is necessary to meet the following three conditions, namely, the three elements extinguished.
One has to make combustible (fuel) on fire to put out the degree of temperature above the temperature.
Must have sufficient oxygen or air as a combustion enhancer.
3 must have a combustible material (fuel).
As a boiler fireman, not only to make the fuel can be extinguished, but also to ensure the fuel can complete extinguished. Complete extinguish the combustible components of fuel when the air supply and supply methods are appropriate, resulting in almost complete not black smoke all extinguished at this time, extinguished the product does not contain any combustible material, in turn, referred to as incomplete extinguished.Ordinary, fuel integrity is off, in addition to the three elements of the above goes out, you should also note the following conditions:
Must be timely and properly discharge is off the product.
2 necessary to extinguish enough space (extinguished room) and time

A. Must supply the proper amount of air the right way to fuel, the combustible fuel can be plenty of contact with air.

Second, the definition of boiler fuel:
From the perspective is off, the material in the world can be divided into two major categories of combustible and non-combustible. Simply put, the substances that can be extinguished in the air known as the combustible; the contrary, referred to as non-combustible. Material that can be extinguished in the air very much, such as: paper, cloth, wood, coal, oil, natural gas, rice, wheat, etc., are numerous. However, the so-called fuel means can be easily extinguished in the air and can release a lot of heat the gas, liquid or solid material, and the economic worth of the general term of the application of its calorific value material. According to this definition, as a boiler fuel material necessary to meet the following conditions: 1. Easily extinguished in the air, and can at any time from time to time supply.
(2) storage, transportation, and disposal of very cumbersome.
(3) low price and calorific value.
4 there are no major risks and harmful in the use of product contamination and extinguish small.
Therefore, substances such as rice and wheat is flammable, but not fuel. Ordinary, coal, oil, gas, natural gas and other substances can fit the above conditions can be use as a fuel.
Third, boiler fuel, off the foundation knowledge: What is extinguished
The so-called off, refers to a substance with oxygen or oxygen-containing substances, sharp of the merger to release the chemical reaction of a lot of heat and light. Fuel in the boiler stop extinguished response, we must at the same time showing endothermic and exothermic, the heat is called the reaction heat or extinguish hot. Extinguish the reaction of compounds called off the product.
In view of the recent years, the increase of the oil, gas boiler and carry out the following introductions to relevant conditions of liquid and gaseous fuels and their extinguished.

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