Coal-fired boiler chain grate resolve

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Coal-fired steam boiler combustion equipment chain grate. 

A chain grate, mainly the following three models: a chain belt, scale type and beam type. 

A grate structure: ① chain with a grate structure, as shown above. 

Chain belt grate is divided into active and driven two kinds. Grate round steel rod series together to form compatible with the width and depth of coal-fired steam boiler furnace chain belt around the first sprocket and the rear roller, driven through the front axle sprocket active grate by the blast furnace to the furnace operation. 

The chain belt grate stoker hopper, to grate, and driven grate, round steel rod, the front axle, rear axle, front sprocket, rear roller, the wind positions, adjust air devices, grate framework, side The seal, an eagle, iron, gear box. 

Chain with a grate structure is simple, less metal consumption has been widely used in the less than or equal to the capacity of 10 t / h steam boiler and hot water boiler.Ventilation gap between the grate, especially when the grate casting quality is poor, the gap but can not guarantee more leakage coal affect the combustion efficiency; chain with rigid strong, the installation of a certain difficulty; grate piece easily broken, replace the less convenient. 

② scales grate structure as shown: 

Scales grate through the grate plywood mounted on the chain. In accordance with the width of the furnace by several groups of chain chain flexible structure. In order to prevent the arch of the grate surface, the chain in the air travel needs some sagging part, relying on the part of the weight of the sagging grate to tighten the upper part of the grate surface. 

Scales grate main components: The coal hopper, grate, grate plywood, chain, roller, wind position, adjust air devices, the front axle, rear axle, front sprocket, rear roller, side seal, eagle iron grate framework, the gear box. 

Scales grate features: reliable operation; easy maintenance; ventilation gap between the grate is easy to control, leak less coal; the role of automatic cleaning ash grate; chain of the Department of flexible structure, and automatically adjust the sprocket closed. Now widely used, with greater than and equal to 10 t / h capacity steam boiler or hot water boiler. In a greater capacity of 65 t / h coal-fired steam boilers, two scales grate (also known as dual-grate structure). But when the scales grate width wide, sometimes into the grate off and stuck the accident occurs, the metal consumption chain with a grate compared to an increase of about 30%. 

The ③ beam grate structure, as shown below: 

The main difference between the beam grate and grate structure of the scales is very rigid beam as a stent, grate embedded in the groove of the beam through the beam resting on a chain of large chain. 

Beam grate stoker hopper, grate beam bracket, chain, left and right wall panels, wind position, adjust air devices, the front axle, rear axle, front and rear sprockets and other components. 

Ventilation gap between the beam grate is easy to ensure minimal leakage of coal; ventilation resistance is small, uniform ventilation; grate is easy to replace. But the whole lot of heavy grate, metal consumption of Scale and manufacturing requirements. 

Beam grate are generally applied with large capacity steam boiler and hot water boiler, but in our country rarely been applied. 

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