Dry oil spray lubrication system operation and maintenance

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Not long ago, Xiao Bian follow the manual dry pump manufacturers to introduce what is a dry oil spray lubrication system manually dry pump manufacturers today and grateful to the Friends of Friends of the share is manually dry pump operation and maintenance.Friends of the Friends of interest to pay attention to! ...... 
Before the newly installed or put into operation after maintenance of the gear should be evenly spread layer of injection devices grease lubricated surface. First operation, the dry oil spray system can not immediately provide adequate grease, you need to use artificial precoating. Use of injection devices should also note the following: 
A. The use of oil must be filtered, texture, uniform penetration of oil. Oil mixed with impurities, not only affect the atomization effect, even in danger of clogging the nozzle. In order to facilitate atomization, which normally takes about 20% of high viscosity (such as steel rolling oil, gasoline, oil, etc.) to join in the lubricating grease, the penetration of not less than 300. Strengthen wear resistance by adding an appropriate amount of molybdenum disulfide oil, or using the standard grade molybdenum disulfide lubricant paste; 
Two. The compressed air must ensure that sufficient pressure (not lower than 0.45MPa).The air should be kept clean and dry. Where available, the best aerodynamic three-piece (ie, watershed filter air, air pressure regulator and oil mist generator) installed in the inlet pipe, so you can extend the life of control valves and nozzles; 
3. The maximum working pressure of the manual dry petrol stations should be maintained at the following 7MPa. Newly installed dry oil spray device, the entire system should be filled with grease before use; Oil storage tube to maintain adequate grease, does not allow for taking the time. Otherwise, the air enters the system, affect the spray; 
5 To regularly check the lubrication of the gear tooth surface is sufficient lubricant whether there is change in angle of the nozzle. For regulating the oil, you can twist to the oil on the adjustment screw to adjust (adjustment range of 1.5 ~ 5mm / per cycle); 
6. The entire injection equipment must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the system is smooth and flexible. Open gear transmission, should be based on site working conditions, timely clear the fouling left in the tooth surface. 
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